Our products use an organic active ingredient, specially-formulated to induce a fatal physical response in the targeted pests. Our non-toxic formula can be used almost anywhere, and does not require expensive equipment or professional expertise to apply!

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Environmentally-Friendly Completely safe for humans and pets PCO certified 100% KILL rate Easy to use No pest control license needed to apply Does not stain fabrics or harm surfaces. Safe for mattresses! Room available for use within 1/2 hour Leaves a pleasant cedar aroma!

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Some words from our clientsWe do not like to brag, others do it for us.

BBK Solved the Bed Bug Problem and Saved the Day Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 3:44 PM Subject: BEDBUGS My name is Robert Harris. I work for a company that is concerned with housing homeless people. WE have a population that comes from shelters that house the masses from Harris County and other counties surrounding Houston Texas. Some of these clients brought bedbugs with them. We called exterminators. The experts charged between $250.00 and $500.00 per room and were not effective. WE purchased pyrethroids. They were minimally effective and did not kill the eggs. The adults were eventually immune to this product. BBK assisted us by giving us product, equipment and hands on instructions on the application of BBK. The efficacy of this product cannot be disputed. Seeing is believing. BBK has assisted tremendously. It solved the bedbug problem and saved us time, money and man hours. Our clients are happy and we are happy. This product is not toxic to humans. It allowed us time to apply product and get the clients back into their living quarters promptly. The product had no negative effect on furniture, clothing or personal effects. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing bedbugs. It saved the day for us and will do the same for anyone else. Midtown Terrace/Veterans in Progress (VIP) program / US VETS, Houston Texas

Robert Harris -

BBK kicks Bed Bug Butt in NY! Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 6:19 PM Hi, First I’d like to say that BBK kicks Bedbug Butt! It’s 100% lethal to bedbugs. The problem is getting the solution to the bugs. My situation is that they’ve infested the gaps in a wooden bed frame. I’m using a couple of Spritzers I got a while back – they’re the only thing I have left from the order - to spray into the gaps but it’s not very efficient. If I might make a suggestion, it would be really great to have an applicator that uses a thin plastic straw, like a can of WD40 does, to squirt the BBK into cracks and gaps, providing deeper penetration to reach the bugs. It would certainly help me out with this job on my bed frame. ;-) Thanks for this great product! Regards, William Laskorski

William Laskorsk -

Pest Control Operator on BBK for BED BUGS Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 4:24 PM Subject: BBK I own a pest control company in the midwest. We have been battling bed bugs for the past 2 years. There are no products out there that work. Just as I was about to invest $100,000 in heat remediation, I found BBK via an e-mail. I decided to give it a try in an apartment that was heavily infested. I was absolutely amazed as the bed bugs walked across the couch that I had just sprayed, flipped over and died within a matter of seconds! I quickly ordered 4 cases and will be ordering the 55 gallon drum by the end of the week. There is no other product out there that is this effective. The fact that we can solve the senior citizens problems now makes my heart sing. Thank you, PCO – Michigan

PCO – Michigan -

Bed Bug Free in New York City Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:30 PM Subject: THANKS! I truly would like to thank you for your amazing product. I live in NYC - bed bug central. I had a bad case of bed bugs in March. I hired a "Bed Bug Expert" with a dog and paid $1000 for the service. They sprayed some "non-toxic" chemicals about the place. I threw out the mattress and I still continued to see bed bugs. I did some research and came across your product through a google search. I ordered the product and hoped for the best. I hazed the entire apartment, as instructed in the included information. I have NEVER seen another bed bug since my initial application. Having bed bugs is a painful and costly experience that I NEVER want to endure again. My only regret is that I did not find your AMAZING product before I spent money on the exterminator. Two other apartments in my complex have had them and are currently in battle. I am contacting my building manager to alert them to the wonders of CEDAR OIL...and I have told MANY others about the properties of your product (that it also gets rid of other bugs). Happy and Bug free in the Big Apple! JEFF


I am so amazed with your products, (Bed Bugs) Dear Sirs; I am so amazed with your products the "BBK" I had bed bugs a few months ago and was so afraid that I moved out of my apartment for two months until the apartment management hired a company to rid my apartment of the critters! I was allowed to return to my apartment by the next day but I was so frightened by this experience that I moved out for two months! It seems that the bugs returned and began biting me once again due to being exposed to then now from work, that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown if I had to move out again! I prayed for guidance and stumbled upon your website one morning looking for a natural product to use here for my apartment so I wouldn't harm my cat or myself. I ordered the BBK kit for my cat and I am at peace and do not fear my apartment any longer!!! I will order the fogger kit soon and keep it forever to have a peace of mind. I plan to fog my apartment at least once a month to rid my apartment of any critters that my cross my threshold! I tell everyone about your products because it seems that here in NYC, NY our outbreaks are commonplace. Thank you for making the best product EVER!!! Loyal Customer, Brenda

Brenda -

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