BBK Bed Bug Killer

Take care of your bed bug problem today! Otherwise, it will only get worse. The dangerous poison known as “DDT” had bed bugs “under control”, but it was (thankfully) banned years ago. Since them, bed bugs have been making a steady resurgence in recent years. Many of the substitute treatments have themselves proven dangerous and not very effective.
BBK is our answer!
But first, a little about bed bugs.Growth Cycle of the Bed Bug Females lay 1 or 2 eggs per day, and they can lay hundreds during their lifetime. Bed bugs mature in about two weeks and have up to 500 babies at one time. The cycle begins again after those babies mature.

How do I detect a bed bug infestation?
You can look to see if you can identify the fecal stains, egg cases, and exuviae (shed skins) in crevices and cracks on or near beds. You should also look at other areas such as under wallpaper, behind picture frames, in couches and other furniture, in bed springs, and even in articles of clothing. While fecal stains and skin casts suggest that bed bugs have been present, these do not confirm that the infestation is still active. Observing the bed bugs themselves is the only confirmation that living areas are infested. BBK provides the comfort of protecting against this pest.


Why are the bugs hard to kill? 

Common bed bugs are small, thin, and can hide deep in very narrow cracks. They are mainly active at night. They will routinely travel as far as a 20-foot radius or 150 feet at night from their hiding places (and back) in one night to take a blood meal. Bed bugs are very adaptable. They move much quicker, and can pass through much smaller openings or cracks, than most you would expect.  They hide in the beds headboard, the folds of the mattress, in the cavity of the box spring, in shoes, in the ceiling and baseboard trim of the room, in the electrical outlets, dresser drawers and behind the pictures on the wall. They hitch a ride in luggage or clothing after a stay at the highest quality hotels in the world that often remain in denial as to their high levels of bed bug infestation. Children bring them home from the College dormitories. Their best friends deliver them to new locations in their overnight bags. There is no such thing as a bed bug preventative. BBK is the closest thing yet!

Bed Bugs resistant to some pesticides!


Bed bugs can detect (and often avoid) chemical deposits such as some cleaning agents.  Adult bed bugs can live longer than a whole year without feeding and most currently labelled insecticides used against them in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia, do not last more than one to three months even when applied by a well-trained and competent PMP. There are reports in older literature that state that certain populations of bed bugs have developed physiological resistance to specific chemical insecticides in past, making those products ineffective.

Not since the bed bug outbreak of the 50’s has there been such a increase in the population of this blood sucking pest. History reveals the 50’s epidemic was brought under control with the use of a nerve gas by-product called DDT. But alas, this carcinogenic is no longer available for use in controlling parasites. Furthermore, it is no longer prudent, legal or politically correct to use organophosphates, carbomates or pyrethroid substances to eradicate this pest.  And rightfully so. Millions of Americans exposed to these toxins have fallen victim to incurable ailments ranging from breast cancer, parkinson’s disease, autism, compromised immune systems and other ongoing ailments.

BedBugs and Hotels


When staying in a hotel it is suggested to check for bed bugs examine the bed sheets and upper and lower seams of the mattress and box springs. Look carefully along the head of the bed. If bed bugs are discovered ask for another room in a different area. Keep your suitcase off the floor by setting it on a luggage stand or another hard surface. Hang your clothes and do not put them into drawers.

If you notice welts that itch when you return home and before you unpack place your clothing in plastic bags and then put directly into the washer or dryer. Treat the suitcase or throw it away.

If travelling there is a Bedbug registry where you can check out any hotel or motel where you are planning

Bring BBK on your next trip and protect yourself! If you have problems at a hotel, tell them about BBK. Buy it now!

Instructions for BBK use:
BBK is a new and totally environmentally friendly bed bug killer. It is a clear, non-staining fluid that does not harm or pit surfaces. It is applied undiluted by sprayer set on a “fine mist” setting, for best results. BBK contains only ingredients that are on the E.P.A. exemption lists for both active ingredients (cedar oil) and inerts (carriers). These essentially food grade ingredients are classed as “low risk” biopesticides by the E.P.A. and, as they are exempt from registration, there is no federal registration number.Some helpful tips for BBK use: Remove people, pets, birds and flowering plants from the room to be treated and close windows and doors. The applier is advised to wear a dust mask and gloves while treating the room(s) as the spray is fairly concentrated.Prepare the subject room as per normal by stripping the bed, remove from the bed-frame the mattress and box spring and stand them on edge,opening drawers, cabinets and closets, removing cushions where possible and generally exposing areas of likely bed bug occupation.First, mist at close range the likely bed bug locations (and eggs) such as mattresses, mattress ticking, bed frames, inside box spring, behind and beneath furniture, inside furniture framing, around upholstery, drapes, and in crevices in the infested area such as behind baseboards and molding. For the mattress, box spring, pillows and cushions please be sure to spray at close range all along the permimeter of hems and hem tucks (seams). Spray under any mattress covers. Please spray inside all drawers, cabinets and closets as well as inside switch plates, outlet plates (loosening with screwdriver first for access), chairs, loveseats, couches and all electonic units (inside the air vents) such as television sets. When target locations have been misted take a couple of minutes and mist the room generally. Be thorough. Please note: bugs are killed by breathing in the vaporous mist, not by being “showered” with spray. Spraying a stream of fluid on suspected or known bed bug locations will use excessive amounts and will not result in the most efficient kill.Very little BBK treats a sizeable area. Depending on degree of infestation and efficiency of use a normal sized room, one gallon should effectively treat 10 to 20 rooms. The applier should be able to treat a room in mere minutes.Vent the area about 15 minutes after treatment. Then, after venting, all may re-occupy the room. Only a slight and pleasing cedar aroma will remain.Due to some positive residual effect, it is best not to vacuum the treated area for a day or two.
The primary advantages of BBK over other products:

Totally non-toxic and safe to use (unlike many other pesticides)
Very efficient killer, with NO chance of creating immunity in the pests
Easy and fast to use
No pest control license needed to apply
Does not stain fabrics or harm surfaces
Can be used on mattresses (unlike many other treatments)
Room can be in full use 15 minutes later, not closed for days
Leaves only a pleasant cedar aroma