Q. What does BBK stand for?

A. BBK stands for Bed Bug Killer.

Q. What does MMS stand for?

A. MMS stands for Monteith Mineralized Solutions – a Canada-based company

Q. Where are the products made?

A. They are formulated at a facility in the United States.

Q. How is the cedar oil made?

A. The cedar oil is made through a steam distillation process.

Q. Are there different types of cedar oil?

A. Yes, many. Our mixture is formulated to kill the particular insects involved.

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. It is a completely natural, non-toxic biological product – safe for humans and pets.

Q. Do I need to hire a pest professional to apply it?

A. These products do not require a pest control technician’s license to use.

Q. Is it difficult to learn how to apply your products?

A. No, they are easy to learn how to apply and it takes little time to treat a room.

Q. How do I learn how?

A. Read the instructions on the website carefully. If you are a volume user, a Sales Agent will be happy to make sure that your staff are fully trained.

Q. Can I spray BBK right on my mattress?

A. Unlike many other bed bug treatments, you can spray it on mattresses.

Q. Will the spray do any damage to my furnishings?

A. It does not stain fabrics nor harm surfaces.

Q. When can I re-use the room?

A. You can use the treated room(s) ½ hour after spraying (15 minutes after venting).

Q. What does it smell like/look like?

A. It has a cedar aroma and is an almost colorless liquid.

Q. Will there be other insect killing formulae developed in the future?

A. Additional formulations designed to kill other pests will be added to the site very soon. These will deal with mosquitoes, fire ants, fleas, silverfish and many others.

How It Works

Q. How do I know it works?

A. In every lab test, the products have achieved a 100% kill rate and have many satisfied customers.

Q. Has it been tested by pest control professionals?

A. The Orkin Pest Control Test Lab has tested the BBK spray in field-like conditions and found a 100% kill rate in all 4 tests.

Q. How does it kill the pest?

A. It is breathed in through the insect’s spiracles (breathing pores).

Q. What happens to the insect when it breathes it in?

A. It is a “pheronome provocateur” which causes the insect to close it’s spiracles and it dies in seconds.

Q. Does it kill the eggs?

A. It also kills egg clusters, but by different means. The females have an egg sac at the end of their abdomen and killing the female also terminates the eggs.


Q. What is the products’ approval status in the US?

A. They are EPA-exempt products as both the active ingredient and the carrier are on the section 25(b) lists as exempt from registration. The ingredients are also on the F.D.A. “G.R.A.S. list” as generally recognized as safe food-grade items.

Q. Where can I get more information about approvals?

A. You can e-mail the company at Customer Service or speak with a Sales Agent.


Q. What is it’s composition?

A. It is a liquid spray and should be used with a sprayer capable of delivering a very fine mist or fogging effect (due to the method of kill). Smaller sizes available have their own spray nozzle (4 ounce and 8 ounce).

Q. What kind of sprayer do I need?

A. Suggested sprayers needed for gallon-sized jugs range in price from $20 to $1500 depending on amount of expected usage and degree of sophistication. A Sales Agent can assist you with choosing a sprayer.

Q. Do I mix it or dilute it?

A. It is not meant to be diluted or mixed with anything.

Q. Do I need any other equipment?

A. No, just use gloves and perhaps a mask while spraying as the product is concentrated until the room is vented.


Q. How do I store any that I don’t use?

A. It should be stored in it’s original container, well-capped and in a location kept between 30 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How long can it last and still be effective?

A. It has an indefinite shelf life as far as is known, but certainly at least a year.

Ordering and Payment

Q. How do I pay for it?

A. Payment is processed through Paypal’s secure system

Q. How does my purchased product get to me?

A. Delivery is by UPS within a few days; cost of shipping is added to your order total.