Dear valued customer:

Our pricing will fluctuate with the size of the order. Please email me [] or call [1 888 887 4721] to discuss this matter! Let me know the size of house or business you are treating and I will give you the very best price and explain exactly how to do it and how much you need!

I would also like to tell you though that any of the PCO [Pest Control Operators] that do work on your home will be about $2000.00 for a 1300 to 1500 square foot house.  One gallon of our product will do your entire house at a cost of $224.00. Hugh savings!

If you are a hotel or motel, a HA [housing authority] hospital, school etc… you are being charged too much. Not only is their cost high, most of the time the products the PCO use don’t work, and you have to leave your house or business up to four days to allow the fumes to dissipate so you can come back into work or to rent that area out!

Hotels and motels can have their maintenance people do this work without having the thousands of dollars of extra costs! I will help with this also and reduce your costs considerably!

We are looking for friendly dealers also!