Reclaim Cockroach Killer

Reclaim is an Environmentally Friendly Product, containing Cedar Oil. Its Non-Staining formula can
be used almost anywhere and provides immediate relief of Cockroaches.
Cockroaches (“Roaches”) are of the “Blattaria” insect family and have been around for about 300 million years. Of the 4000 species about 30 live around humans and only 4 are common in America. The most common are the German and then the American Cockroach with some Asian and Oriental varieties. These roaches generally prefer warm, indoor living conditions near human and pet food. They are about thumbnail size and like to gather. Roaches are capable of group action and co-ordination. They emit airborne pheronomes and also leave chemical trails in their feces to lead each other to food sources and favourable living conditions. They are mostly nocturnally active. Females carry the egg sacks at the end of their abdomen and hatch about 40 eggs each of perhaps 10 cycles in a normal life span. They are nymphs for about 3-4 months and then adults. A normal life span is about a year. Roaches do not have lungs but breathe through breathing tubes in their bodies called tracheae that lead to the spiracles or breathing hatches on their skin. This is how Reclaim kills them. If a roach breathes in the fine mist of Reclaim, the roach dies. It is that simple and that lethal to them.
The primary advantages of Reclaim over other products:

Totally non-toxic and safe to use (unlike many other pesticides)
Very efficient killer, with NO chance of creating immunity in the pests
Easy and fast to use
No pest control license needed to apply
Does not stain fabrics or harm surfaces
Can be used on mattresses (unlike many other treatments)
Room can be in full use 15 minutes later, not closed for days
Leaves only a pleasant cedar aroma
Instructions for Reclaim use:
Reclaim is a new and totally environmentally friendly cockroach killer. It is a clear, non-staining fluid that does not harm or pit surfaces. Is applied undiluted by sprayer set on a “fine mist” setting. A sprayer which can deliver a fine mist or fog will give best results. Reclaim contains only ingredients that are on the E.P.A. exemption lists for both active ingredients (cedar oil) and inerts. These essentially food grade ingredients are classed as “low risk” biopesticides by the E.P.A. And, as they are exempt from registration, there is no federal registration number. It is also on the FDA’s “G.R.A.S. List” of safe products.
It comes in four (4) ounce, eight (8) ounce and one (1) gallon bottles and is best to store used and unused reclaim this way with cap firmly affixed. Store at temperatures between 30 and 80 degrees. To use from gallon size, pour undiluted into sprayer reservoir and check spray setting.
Remove people, pets, birds and flowering plants from the areas/rooms to be treated. Store food in sealed containers or refrigerator. Store food preparation tools in plastic. Clear countertops and drawers and wrap items in plastic. Remove any old shelf paper. Clear bathroom cupboards and vanity and place in bathtub. Clear shelves and floor of closets. Close windows and doors. Further prepare the area by moving furniture and equipment to access all likely areas and normal hiding places. Best to wear a dust mask and gloves while treating the room(s) as the spray is fairly concentrated.
(1) Cockroaches feed in food storage/preparation areas. So, in these rooms, mist closely and carefully the likely roach hiding places. They prefer warm, dark locations such as along and underneath cabinetry, along walls, in all crevices such as moldings and baseboards, under appliances and equipment and inside their mechanical areas, behind and inside panel boxes, closet and cupboard floors and shelves, under pallets or boxes on the floor, under cutting boards or butcher blocks;
(2) Any other possible hiding place in a kitchen (or perhaps washroom) area primarily and in other rooms secondarily;
(3) Roaches travel along pipes and ductwork so these areas should be sprayed also near the kitchen and washroom;
(4) In the infested area. When target locations have been misted take a couple of minutes and mist the room generally. Be thorough;
(5) Please note: roaches are killed by breathing in the vaporous mist, not by being “showered” with spray. Spraying a stream of fluid on suspected or known roach locations will use excessive amounts and will not result in the most efficient kill.
Very little Reclaim treats a sizeable area depending on degree of infestation and proper application. You should be able to treat a kitchen in mere minutes. Even though the area can be quickly treated, please be very meticulous and thorough every time as carelessness leaves live bugs behind.
Vent the area about 15 minutes after treatment. All may re-occupy 15 minutes after the room is vented. Clean surfaces where food handling and preparation are to be done. Only a slight and pleasing cedar aroma will remain.For more information and how to purchase our products please contact us: